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ISR Weekly Review Bulletin for May 23, 2023

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To keep our readers informed about the most consequential events in this fast changing world, ISR researchers cull through current events news, so you don’t have to.

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Essays of the Month:

Riyadh to Washington delegates: You arrived late!

by Mohamad Kawas * Summary: During the past weeks, the United States has pushed its envoys to Saudi Arabia in a way that is almost shameful in the eyes of any American observer. It seemed that the United States was seeking to appease the Kingdom. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham visited the Kingdom in April. The Read more

The meaning and implications of US-Syria Secret Talks

According to exclusive media reports, US and Syria are holding secret talks in Oman. A senior diplomatic source in the Arab League revealed to some media outlets that US officials are holding direct talks with a Syrian delegation, which comes in the wake of a regional push to restore relations with the war-torn country. The Read more

Media Review:

MP Geert Wilders: "The Netherlands Is No Longer The Netherlands"

     Tuesday, May 23, 2023   No comments

Dutch Member of Parliament and far-right politician Geert Wilders ridiculed what he said was the increase in Muslims in the Netherlands, and added that watching them perform prayers in the streets of the Netherlands expresses the stripping of the Netherlands of its identity.

Ukraine Official: Security Of The Entire Middle East Region Cannot Be Resolved Without The Complete De-Occupation Of Crimea

     Tuesday, May 23, 2023   No comments

A cryptic statement linking Ukraine to the security of the Middle East, was made by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of...

UK’s Special Forces Have Been Deployed Operationally In At Least 19 Countries Since 2011, Including The Muslim-Majority Countries Of Algeria, Iran, Oman, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, And Yemen

     Tuesday, May 23, 2023   No comments

Mapping of national and international credible newspapers, undertaken by research charity Action on Armed Violence, shows that, since 2011,  UK Special Forces (UKSF) have been...

German Investigators: Ukraine Blew Up Nord Stream Pipelines

     Tuesday, May 23, 2023   No comments

German investigators are sceptical of claims that Russian naval ships sabotaged the Nord Stream gas pipelines and are instead pursuing leads that point to the...

Ali Akbar Ahmadian, New Secretary Of The Supreme National Security Council Of Iran

     Monday, May 22, 2023   No comments

The man who signed the China-sponsored diplomatic breakthrough between Iran and Saudi Arabia, but who also was close to the Iranian spy who worked for the...

Comparing Economic Indicators For Countries Associated With BRICS And The G7

     Saturday, May 20, 2023   No comments

Economic data showed that "the BRICS economy has surpassed that of the Group of Seven."The data indicated that "the Group of Seven, 30 years ago,...

Arab League Summit Welcomes Syrian President Back And Receives Statements From Russia And China

     Saturday, May 20, 2023   No comments

The work of the 32nd regular session of the Arab Summit took place in the Saudi city of Jeddah, Friday, in the presence of a...

Chinese Media Reporting On The China-Central Asia Summit

     Friday, May 19, 2023   No comments

The optics are unmistakable: while the G7 meets in the Japanese city bombed by weapons of mass destruction to forces Japanese leaders to end the...

Turkish Elections News, Erdogan: Türkiye And Russia Need Each Other, Rejects Talks With Third Candidate

     Friday, May 19, 2023   No comments

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke to CNN about a number of files, including elections and foreign policy.The Turkish president said he would work "without...

Iran And Russia Sign An Agreement To Build A Railway Line Boosting The North-South Trade Route Initiative

     Thursday, May 18, 2023   No comments

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Iranian counterpart, Ebrahim Raisi, witnessed via video link today, Wednesday, the signing of an agreement to finance and build...

Zionist Settlers Intimidating, Beating Palestinians In Jerusalem Ahead Of Their Flad Day Event

     Thursday, May 18, 2023   No comments

The settlers arrived at Bab al-Amoud, one of the entrances to the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem, in order to participate in the march...

An Israeli Institute For Studies Publishes A Video About A Secret Iranian Drone Base Dedicated To Carrying Out The “Swarm Attack”

     Wednesday, May 17, 2023   No comments

The Israeli “Alma” research institute published a video clip that monitors details, which it said is of a secret base for Iranian drones dedicated to...

Analyzing The News And Views Released By Ukrainian And Russian Sources About The Status And Importance Of Bakhmut

     Wednesday, May 17, 2023   No comments

Parsing the news and analysis released by Ukrainian and Russian sources about the status of Bakhmut, the year-long battle in the city appears to have...

The US Is Dangerously Connecting Taiwan Standoff To Ukrainian Crisis

     Tuesday, May 16, 2023   No comments

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin argues that Russia's success in Ukraine will push China to invade Taiwan and encourage other countries to do the...

Mauritanian Parliamentary And Local Elections

     Monday, May 15, 2023   No comments

Counting of votes in the Mauritanian parliamentary and local elections continue; the tabualtion began  on Saturday - after polling stations closed their doors at seven...

The Release Of Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan On Bail

     Friday, May 12, 2023   No comments

Today, Friday, a court in Islamabad released former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, 70, after the Supreme Court overturned his arrest warrant, which caused riots...

Türkiye Elections: Candidate Muharrem Ince Withdraws; Erdogan Bribes Voters With Wage Increase 3 Days Before The Presidential Elections

     Thursday, May 11, 2023   No comments

The candidate of the "Balad" party for the Turkish presidency, Muharram Ince, announced his withdrawal from the presidential race, after meeting yesterday evening with some...

Police Arrest Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan

     Tuesday, May 09, 2023   No comments

Pakistani police on Tuesday arrested former Prime Minister Imran Khan in Islamabad on the background of his corruption trial, police said.A large number of policemen...

Did Syria Return To The Arab League Or Did The Arab League Return To Syria?

     Sunday, May 07, 2023   No comments

After a long absence for years, Syria regained its seat in the League of Arab States, after an extraordinary meeting held by the Arab League...

Head Of Wagner Asks Moscow To Hand Over The Sites Of His Group In Bakhmut To Kadyrov's Chechen Forces In Protest Of The Lack Of Ammunition

     Saturday, May 06, 2023   No comments

The head of the Russian paramilitary Wagner Group announced on Saturday that he had asked Moscow for permission to hand over his group's sites in...

The Kremlin Announces That It Was Attacked By Two Ukrainian Drones In An Attempt To Assassinate Putin

     Wednesday, May 03, 2023   No comments

The Russian presidency announced, in a statement today, Wednesday, that the Kremlin was attacked by marches last night, in an attempt to assassinate President Vladimir...

Amman Consultative Meeting Statement: For The Exit Of Illegal Foreign Forces From Syria

     Monday, May 01, 2023   No comments

Summary:- Cooperation between Damascus, the concerned countries, and the United Nations in developing a comprehensive strategy to combat terrorism in all its forms and organizations.-...

Iran’s Inside Man Who Sold Secret Information To Britain's MI6 For Power And Greed

     Monday, May 01, 2023   No comments

 In April of 2008, a senior British intelligence official traveled to Tel Aviv, in addition to several European capitals, with the aim of conveying unusual...

With Truce Or Ceasefire Remain Elusive In Sudan, Clashes Continue Between The Army And The Rapid Support Forces

     Sunday, April 30, 2023   No comments

Today, Sunday, the Rapid Support Forces in Sudan announced the extension of the truce for 72 hours, in response to international, regional and local calls.The...

China's Special Envoy For The Middle East, Zhai Jun: China Looks At Relations With Syria From A Strategic Perspective, And Within A Comprehensive Vision For The Region

     Saturday, April 29, 2023   No comments

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad discussed, today, Saturday, during his meeting with the Chinese government's special envoy to the Middle East, Zhai Jun, the Syrian-Chinese relations,...


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