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Monday, November 13, 2023

Clare Daly, Member of the European Parliament: The Nations of the world will not be lectured amy more by Europe about Human Rights

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Clare Daly about the hypocrisy regarding Western talking heads' "standing with Ukraine" & silence on Gaza.

"We are in a situation now in Gaza, where we have genocide openly declared and carried out. where the numbers of civilians slaughtered and murdered in 30 days in Gaza exceeds the civilian death toll in Ukraine."

Friday, October 06, 2023

Media reports: Ukraine's allies proposed striking “Iranian drone production factories in Iran, Syria and Russia”

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Days after the British newspaper published in a report, details obtained from a secret document submitted by Ukraine to its Western allies in the Group of Seven, which included a proposal to target "Iranian drone production factories in Iran, Syria and Russia", a drone attack hit Syria killed more than 80 people and injured hundreds more.

The British newspaper "The Guardian" revealed a secret document that indicated that Ukraine's Western allies had proposed launching missile strikes on drone production factories in Iran, Syria, and Russia.

In the context of a newspaper report on “European components in Iranian drones,” The Guardian revealed a 47-page document that the Ukrainian government submitted to the G7 governments last August.

As part of the discussion to take measures against Iranian drones, the newspaper revealed, citing the document, that among the proposals presented by Ukraine’s Western allies “launch missile strikes on the production factories of these drones in Iran and Syria, as well as on a potential production site located on the territory of the Russian Federation.” ".

The newspaper indicated in its report that such a measure “is likely to be refrained from by Western powers,” quoting from the document that “the Ukrainian Defense Forces can implement what was mentioned above, if the partners provide the necessary means of destruction.”

According to the secret document that Kiev sent to its Western allies, it called for “the use of long-range missiles to attack production sites in Iran, Syria, and Russia.”

It is noteworthy that, in mid-February, “The Guardian” had quoted American officials as saying that Iran had become a “global superpower in the field of drones.”

Analysts at the US Intelligence Agency also said that Iran “has emerged as a global leader in producing effective drones at an affordable price.”

Dozens dead in a drone attack on a military college in Homs

The Syrian Minister of Health, Hassan Al-Ghobash, announced Thursday that the initial toll was not final, amounting to 80 martyrs, including 6 women and 6 children, and about 240 injuries as a result of the terrorist attack on the Military College in Homs.

On Friday morning, Syrian official media counted the deaths of 89 people and the wounding of 277 others.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an anti-government organization, reported on Friday that the death toll had risen to 123, including 54 civilians, including 39 children and a woman related to officers. It was also estimated that 150 others were injured.

After the incident, the Syrian Foreign Ministry announced its condemnation of the "heinous crime" committed by "terrorist organizations." It stressed that it expresses the perpetrators’ persistence in their “brutal terrorist approach,” due to which the Syrian people have suffered over the past years.

It added, in her statement, that this attack “will not deter” Syria from moving forward in its effort to “eradicate the scourge of terrorism and its sponsors.”

The Syrian government declared three days of official mourning for the souls of the martyrs of the terrorist attack.

Media reports: the technology used in the attack originated in France; and Syria's army responds

The Syrian army launched artillery and missile bombardment, mainly targeting the headquarters of the Turkestan Party and the Migrant Brigade, in Jericho, Jisr al-Shughur, Idlib, Binnish, and Sarmin, in response to the terrorist attack that targeted the Military College in Homs.

According to media reports, the Turkestan Party and the Muhajireen Brigade "are the two factions that possess drone technology."

The information also indicated that parts of advanced drones “were transferred to the two factions three months ago, and France was the one that provided them with this technology.”

According to media sources, the information confirmed that a drone had been launched from areas under the control of the Turkestan Party, prior to targeting the Military College in Homs.

Early Warning

It hsould be noted that on October 4, Deputy Head of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria, Admiral Vadim Collet, reported that “terrorist groups are preparing to launch attacks on military sites belonging to both Moscow and Damascus.”

According to Collet, these groups are active in the provinces of Idlib, Aleppo, and Latakia.

Collet explained that the data the center received from Syrian intelligence agencies showed that the groups “Turkistan Islamic Party” and “Ansar al-Tawhid” were preparing to carry out “attacks on Russian and Syrian military bases using locally made drones.”

The two groups will use "long-range multiple missile launch systems," according to Collett.

The Deputy Head of the Russian Reconciliation Center added that the leadership of the Russian group and the Syrian Armed Forces "will take the necessary proactive measures in order to prevent armed provocations by terrorists."

The center's announcement comes after statements made by the head of Russian Foreign Intelligence, Sergei Naryshkin, to the effect that the United States of America is "preparing to assist militants to carry out terrorist attacks in Syria."

According to Naryshkin, these attacks affect "crowded public places and Syrian government institutions."

Over time, the conenctions among many of the otherwise seemingly isolated armed conflicts or coups, in Ukraine, Yemen, Sudan, Syria, Niger, Mali, and other places,  become more evident.

For instance, it has been reported that Ukrainian special forces have been conducting operations outside Ukraine, including in Africa.

Since the start of the armed conflict in that country, Ukraine used drones very well, first to stop Russian troops advances toward Kyiv, using Turkish made drone, and there after using drone for attacks beyond the frontline, including attacks on Moscow. Ukrainian drone in Sudan last month reveals that Ukraine is now operating beyond its borders.


Sunday, September 24, 2023

News media review: Zelensky visited Poland during his return from Washington, but no official in the country received him

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A report in the Singaporean newspaper “The Straits Times” said on Sunday that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, returning from the United States, stopped in Poland, but no officials met with him.

The report added: “Zelensky gave Polish volunteers government awards during his stop in Poland yesterday, Saturday, but he did not meet any official, as relations between the two countries became tense due to grain supplies.”

Marcin Brzydak, head of the Polish Presidency's International Policy Office, said in an article in the Singaporean newspaper, The Straits Times, that "his office did not receive any official request to hold a meeting during Zelensky's stay in Poland."

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki had previously warned President Zelenskiy of “new insults to Warsaw.”

Monday, July 17, 2023

Is NATO expansion a cause for the war in Ukraine?

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Prof. Robert G. Rabil and attorney Francois Alam wrote a provocative essay to underscore the danger of ignoring Russia's legitimate national security interests. They concluded that "gripped by a false sense of morality enveloped in hubris and Machiavellian calculations, Washington risks taking the world over the precipice of the abyss. This must be prevented." 

The writers see that after America pledged to the Soviet Union that NATO would not approach its borders in 1990, we see that in 1997 NATO called on Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic to join the alliance at the Madrid summit. In a second round in 2004, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia became members of NATO. Then came the US position on the Rose, Orange and Square revolutions in Georgia, in the years 2003, 2004 and 2014, to put Washington and Moscow in violent confrontation.

The authors also believe that, in order to clarify Moscow's position in the current war in Ukraine, it is useful to look at history. The Donbass region has been part of the formation of Russia since Moscow defeated the Mongols in the 15th century. Crimea and its vicinity also had a special place to highlight the power of the tsarist empire. As for Peter the Great, he was the first to establish a Russian naval base on the Sea of Azov. During the reign of Catherine the Great, Moscow established its strategic naval base in Sevastopol, which served as the main base for the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

The authors considered that America's insistence on ensuring the victory of Ukraine, and considering America's security and stability as part of the security and stability of Ukraine, as well as providing Kiev with the most dangerous conventional weapons, is nothing but an open invitation to World War III and the mutual destruction of the West and Eurasia, and ignoring the fact that NATO's expansion to the east means besieging Russia in its heartland. And ignoring the attempts of the Russian leadership to dissuade the West from its plan.

The authors conclude by saying that supporting Ukraine's victory in such a blatant way is a great incentive for World War III. They stress that the Americans must stop this madness, and the coalition must realize that the way to peace is not through weapons.

The article is linked here: Americans Must Stop the March to World War III over Ukraine

Thursday, June 08, 2023

The Ukrainian counteroffensive is finally on

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The Biden administration and NATO leaders are now saying that they supplied with Ukraine with all that is necessary and that they asked for. Such statements make the outcome of this counterattack decisive, not only militarily, but, importantly, politically. 

When talks about the Ukrainian counteroffensive was heating up months ago, a prediction was made that that it is unlikely to happen as a full scale attack and if it did, it will be decided by geography, planning according to the presence of natural barriers such as lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. With that thinking, and with Ukrainian stated goal of taking over Crimea, the Zaporozhye direction was the logical frontline that will be used to break through Russian defense lines. 

With the destruction of the major dam (Kakhovskaya HPP), the Kherson frontline is taken out the equation. 

More reasons to focus on the developments in the Zaporozhye front.

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Newsweek: How Ukraine Followed the ISIS Playbook

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Newsweek reports that Ukraine is using commercial drones to score frontline victories, uploading videos with commercial GoPro cameras, accurately capturing enemy tank destruction, sniper kills and grenade blasts.

Inspired by the innovations made by ISIS during its rapid rise in Syria nearly 10 years ago, the terrorist group pushed out sophisticated, polished, and sometimes violent videos as part of a broader recruitment campaign, and distributed emotionally appealing footage to exploit vulnerable sentiment. I have the target.

In her speech, she referred to "Ukrainian brigades, such as the White Wolves, who film footage to publish on social media platforms, with the aim of bringing battles closer to real-life fighting games."

This unit publishes videos showing how its forces succeeded in destroying Russian targets. One such clip, posted on Twitter, published by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), shows an aerial view of military vehicles exploding after being hit from above, according to the magazine.

For Ukraine, “the drive to create great videos from battlefield scenes is more existential: footage from the front lines of the war must attract enough viewers globally to ensure that the country’s fight against Russia is not forgotten, and to prove that the West’s financial and military support Kiev was not in vain," according to "Newsweek."

Professor Sean Huston, who teaches courses on propaganda, social conflict, and media studies at The Citadel, a military college in South Carolina, told Newsweek that the clip is "a great example of the manipulation of combat video and the strange overlap between video games and snapshots of life." The realism associated with the video techniques used by ISIS.

"ISIS has been focusing on using this type of propaganda video, which is unfortunately more attractive to a younger audience," Houston added.

It is not clear, or the magazine did not explain, if this inspiration was due the effective tactics of ISIS or the tactics were developed by the handlers of ISIS who are now involved in the war in Ukraine.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

US officials to the New York Times: Ukraine most likely carried out the attack on the Kremlin carracterized by Moscow as an assassination attempt

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That attack that was characterized by Moscow as an assassination attempt to kill Putin is  was likely carried out by Ukraine occirding to US officials who spoke to New York Times.

On Wednesday, The New York Times quoted US officials as saying that the Ukrainians were "most likely" to have carried out the attack that took place with rallies on the Russian presidential building (the Kremlin) on May 3.

The officials said that US intelligence reached its initial assessment through intercepted communications, and that the attack was likely orchestrated by one of Ukraine's special military or intelligence units.

They also indicated that it was not clear if Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky or his senior officials knew about the operation prior to its launch.

It is noteworthy that Russia had accused the United States of being behind the attack on the Kremlin, noting that it had several options for a measured and balanced response to the attack.

Russian officials also demanded the liquidation of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in response to the attack.

Kiev has denied any involvement in the attack on the Kremlin, accusing Moscow of deliberately highlighting it in the media to justify any possible escalation of the conflict inside Ukraine.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that efforts by Kiev and Washington to deny any responsibility for the attack on the Kremlin are completely absurd, and that decisions regarding such attacks are not taken in Ukraine, but in Washington, and Kiev implements what is asked of it.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also confirmed that there is no doubt that the Kiev regime was behind the attack, noting that the actions of the Kiev regime - which it described as "criminal" - confirm its unwillingness to settle the ongoing conflict through political and diplomatic means, threatening those responsible for the attacks with strict and inevitable punishment.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Ukraine Official: Security of the entire Middle East region cannot be resolved without the complete de-occupation of Crimea

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A cryptic statement linking Ukraine to the security of the Middle East, was made by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Danilov. Here it is:

“The issue of the security of the entire Middle East region... cannot be resolved without the complete de-occupation of Crimea."


Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Analyzing the news and views released by Ukrainian and Russian sources about the status and importance of Bakhmut

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Parsing the news and analysis released by Ukrainian and Russian sources about the status of Bakhmut, the year-long battle in the city appears to have limited strategic value, but became important to Ukrainian politicians as a prop to secure more military support.

Here are some facts that might help us understand the narratives about the battle of Bakhmut.

Bakhmut is an industrial city, part of the Donetsk region but also just 20 miles away from Luhansk, both regions are inhabited by majority ethnic Russians and were annexed by the Russian federation as autonomous republics. 

These regions have been at war with the government in Kiev since 2014. When the Russian troops entered Ukraine in 2022, Bakhmut became the frontline. Ukrainian troops used the underground structures and the hills overlooking the region establish durable defensive lines. Those defensive lines became challenged since Russian troops rotated out of the south (west of the river in Kherson region, and concentrated on the Bakhmut-Avdiivka line of contact. In a way, Bakhmut became important for both sides for different reasons:

The Ukrainians want to preserve Bakhmut because they wanted to show that they can not only hold the line, but also take back territory, including Crimea. If Ukrainian government loses Bakhmut right after claiming victory in Kherson, that would raise doubt about its ability to achieve its stated goals—liberate all territories including Crimea.

Russian need to not only take Bakhmut, but move past Bakhmut to justify the redeployment of troops this active line of contact stretching from Dvorichne in the north to Velyka Novosilka in the south. 

Bakhmut is also important in terms of optics. Since it is seen as a year long battle, it enforces the narratives that Ukrainian troops can hold their ground and retake territories. This would explain why the head of the government made his tour of Europe now and not earlier or later: he can use the “success” Bakhmut to secure more military aid. Many analysists believe that if his troops do not take back new territories this year, Western aid will stop. So this cannot be a lost opportunity in that context.

The big picture, however is this: regardless of ends up holding Bakhmut, can these images of a liberated city apply to Kiev too? In other words, are Ukrainians willing to fight in every major city the same way they are fighter in Bakhmut?

Wednesday, May 03, 2023

The Kremlin announces that it was attacked by two Ukrainian drones in an attempt to assassinate Putin

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The Russian presidency announced, in a statement today, Wednesday, that the Kremlin was attacked by marches last night, in an attempt to assassinate President Vladimir Putin.

The Kremlin statement confirmed that "Putin was not harmed as a result of the terrorist attack, his agenda has not changed, and it continues as usual."

The statement said: "Two drones launched by the Ukrainian army were shot down, which led to the fall of their remnants in the area."

The statement indicated that "Moscow considers the attack on the presidential residence a planned terrorist act and an attempt to assassinate a head of state," and that it "reserves the right to respond at the appropriate time and place."

The presidential statement saw that the assassination attempt on the President of the Russian Federation comes on the eve of Victory Day in the May 9 parade, as foreign guests are also planned to be hosted.

In parallel, the mayor of the capital, Moscow, announced a ban on flying drones, starting today, Wednesday.

In late December 2022, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the statements of US officials at the Pentagon regarding the "decapitation strike" against the Kremlin "represented a threat to the physical liquidation of President Vladimir Putin."

It is noteworthy that Ukraine's attempt to assassinate the Russian president comes after the progress made by the Russian armed forces in Ukraine.

Earlier today, a well-informed security source told the Russian agency "Sputnik" that "the Russian armed forces are using concentrated collective strikes using Lancet suicide drones, in order to remove the remnants of the Ukrainian long-range air defense systems in one fell swoop."

Two days ago, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of 14 Ukrainian drones, the downing of a helicopter, and the liquidation of more than 825 Ukrainian soldiers and mercenaries, while the founder of the "Wagner" forces, Yevgeny Prigozhin, announced that his fighters had advanced about 150 meters in the city of Bakhmut, indicating that what remains is approximately 3 square kilometers. from the city lands.

The Russian forces had achieved field gains at the northern and southern outskirts of Bakhmut, which has been the center of fighting for months.

The military magazine "Military Watch" said earlier that the US "Patriot" air defense system, which Washington delivered to Ukraine, is unable to intercept Russian missiles, especially hypersonic ones.

Updated 5/3/2023:

After the attack, Deputy Chair of the Security Council of the Russian Federation. The President of Russia, 2008-2012, Dmitry Medvedev, issued this statment:

After today's terrorist attack, there are no options left except for the physical elimination of Zelensky and his cabal.

It is not even needed to sign the act of unconditional surrender.

Hitler, as you know, did not sign it either. There will always be some kind of changer like the Zitz President

Admiral Dönitz...


Thursday, April 06, 2023

Russia is now planning for long lasting war

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The images coming out of Russia suggest that Russian leaders are now convinced that the conflict in Ukraine is going to drag for years and to sustain that, they are allocating resources to the production of modern weapons systems, most of which are designed for the kind of war that is fought in a place like Ukraine.

This must be bad news for NATO nations that have complained recently about their weapons’ supplies running low; some even complained that the Ukrainian military is being careless with the weapons and systems they are receiving. Images of western equipment destroyed or abandoned in the battle field has raised concerns.

Wednesday, April 05, 2023

China's time to become a global powerhouse is now, how will it manage its new role?

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The West’s unlimited military support to Ukraine, its unbalanced Middle East relations, its ambiguous stance on the status of Taiwan, and its failure to honor its nuclear deal with Iran are propelling China to become a global leader. These three news stories should make the case for the role China will play in this decade.


How China sees the expansion of NATO? 

This editorial in a Chinese media outlet close to the ruling class of China provides the answer.

Finland joins NATO; Europe's overall security landscape more 'precarious'

With a Finnish flag rising first time outside the NATO headquarters, the Nordic nation officially became NATO's 31st member country at a meeting of the US-led bloc's foreign ministers, including US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, on Tuesday in Brussels, a historic shift away from the Nordic nation's traditional policy of neutrality, which Chinese experts believe now pushes Finland to the forefront against Russia and may spur Moscow to boost its nuclear deployment, thus making Europe's overall security landscape even more precarious.


Political division in Taiwan regarding the position of Beijing and Washington

While Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen was visiting the United States, her predecessor Ma Ying-jeou was in China, where the country's two main parties were debating which superpower would side with her.


During a long overseas trip to the United States, the Taiwanese president delivered a consistent and blunt message about countering Chinese threats: Taiwan needs the United States to be supportive, the newspaper reported.


But while she was garnering American support, her predecessor, Ma Ying-jeou, was working on a very different agenda, and is currently on a tour of China, the first former president to ever make such a visit, according to the newspaper.


She noted that the symbolism of Ma Ying-jeou's visit to China was "amazing" and stood in stark contrast to Tsai's travels.


"Strongly echoing the rhetoric used by Chinese President Xi Jinping, Ma Jiu invoked the memory of China's past humiliation at the hands of foreign invaders, during a visit last week to the mausoleum of Sun Yat-sen, the founder of the Republic of China who overthrew the last emperor in 1911," she added.


Speaking of a delegation of Taiwanese youths he was accompanying, Ma Jiu said that they "will strive peacefully to revitalize the relationship with China, and sincerely hope that the two sides of the Strait will make joint efforts to achieve peace and prevent war."


According to the newspaper, the conflicting flights indicate that the question of Taiwan's belonging in the world may reach a point of crisis, amid the most intense hostility between China and the United States.


Earlier in the day, the Chinese Maritime Safety Administration in Fujian announced that military authorities had begun patrolling the Taiwan Strait, following reports of a meeting between Taiwan's President and US House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy.


And Tsai arrived, on Tuesday evening, in Los Angeles, USA, to hold this meeting, after a diplomatic tour in Central America.


McCarthy had planned to follow the example of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat who visited Taiwan last August, angering China.


Yesterday, Chinese diplomacy saw that the meeting between the two parties would "cause more damage" to relations between Beijing and Washington.




Macron: China can play a major role in achieving peace in Ukraine


French President Emmanuel Macron said today, Wednesday, at the start of a three-day state visit to China that Beijing can "play a major role" in finding a "path leading to peace" in Ukraine.


Macron told the French community in the Chinese capital: "China has proposed a peace plan, thus showing a will to take responsibility and try to forge a path leading to peace."


Macron added, "This war has trampled many of the principles of the United Nations Charter, which we, as members of the Security Council, must firmly defend."

He continued, "I see that defending it also means progressing together, and trying to find a path that leads to peace."


Last February, China proposed its plan for peace in Ukraine, which consists of 12 clauses that include calls for a cease-fire, respect for the legitimate interests of all countries in the field of security, and a settlement of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.


It is noteworthy that French President Emmanuel Macron arrived, today, Wednesday, in China for a 3-day visit, according to what was announced by the Elysee Palace, on his first trip to this country since 2019.


Macron will hold talks, tomorrow, Thursday, with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, in which European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will participate in part, and will move to Canton in southern China on Friday.


Before leaving for China, the French President held a telephone conversation with his American counterpart, Joe Biden. During which they expressed their hope that "China will engage in joint efforts to accelerate an end to the war in Ukraine and establish a sustainable peace," according to French officials.


Reuters: The foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and Iran will meet in Beijing tomorrow

An Iranian official and a Saudi-owned newspaper reported that the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and Iran will meet in Beijing tomorrow, as the two regional powers seek to arrange the next steps for their diplomatic rapprochement, under a Chinese-brokered deal.

 "The two chief envoys agreed to meet on April 6 in Beijing, because China facilitated the agreement," a senior Iranian official told Reuters.


Saturday, April 01, 2023

The role of the UN and the UNSC in preventing conflict

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The role of the UN and the UNSC in preventing conflict is non-existent because of its lack of independence from Western hegemony.

UN spokesperson Farhan Haq was asked if the US military presence in Syria is illegal. Listen and watch his answer.

Substitute the questions about Syria with same questions about the invasion of Iraq in 2003, and you get your answers why the world is not up in arms against the Russian military intervention in Ukraine. Only the West is, but it was the West that made such actions acceptable.

Friday, March 31, 2023

Media review: Cracks in Western media coverage of the war in Ukraine created by the narrative of a spring offensive and Bakhmut

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Ukrainian leaders institance to defend Bakhmut at any cost and the outcome of that battle may create a narrative problem for media, thus far eager to promote the notion that Ukraine will be able to retake all the lost terrirties militarily. 

Western media and officials in Ukraine are promoting the spring offensive as it will adjust the balance of military forces and restore dignity to the Ukrainian army, without any indication of the date of the attack or on which front it will start. There may be actual preparations for this counter-attack, but this does not negate that it may be a last attempt before the great collapse.

The words of Scott Ritter, a retired US Marine Corps intelligence officer whose statements were celebrated by the Russian media that Ukraine faces inevitable defeat, depend on military estimates and indicators that the Western media tries not to address.

The Ukrainian army has not been able to achieve a breakthrough in the Russian defenses during the past months, at a time when the continuous Western support did not succeed in changing the rules of the field balance of forces. The situation in Bakhmut embodies the course of the war throughout Ukraine. According to what was announced by the Ukrainian presidential advisor, Sergey Leshchenko, on Thursday, that Kiev no longer controls only a third of the city of Bakhmut, in eastern Ukraine, which has been witnessing fierce battles for months. While the Russian forces control 70 percent of the civilian population. With this field reality in Bakhmut, it is clear that the Ukrainian forces are preparing to suffer a resounding defeat after months of attempts to defend the city with the support of Western countries. For this reason, the foreign ministers of NATO countries will hold a new meeting in Brussels between the third and fifth of next April, a meeting in which they will stress the continuation of US support for Ukraine. But what will the alliance do about the retreat of the Ukrainian army?

Away from the details of the decisive battles in Bakhmut, and in general, the reports that the Western media controls are obfuscating them, talking about the emergence of symptoms of the defeat of the Ukrainian army. And indications of developments indicate that Ukraine is not on its way to achieving a complete victory, with the apparent stumbling of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's attempts to recover what his country lost in the war.

Western media and officials in Ukraine are promoting the spring offensive as it will adjust the balance of military forces and restore dignity to the Ukrainian army, without any indication of the date of the attack or on which front it will start. There may be actual preparations for this counter-attack, but this does not negate that it may be a last attempt before the great collapse.

The words of Scott Ritter, a retired US Marine Corps intelligence officer whose statements were celebrated by the Russian media that Ukraine faces inevitable defeat, depend on military estimates and indicators that the Western media tries not to address.

Everything is already there, Ritter adds. The decisive defeat of Ukraine is inevitable. Ukrainian forces can do nothing to prevent Russia from destroying them.”

Regarding the promised spring offensive, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba says that the failure of the offensive planned by the Ukrainian armed forces will strengthen the positions of supporters of a settlement with Russia in the West.

“They (proponents of settling the conflict with Russia through diplomacy) are everywhere – in Washington, in Berlin, in Paris, in London. They will try to do something creative in the spirit of Minsk-3.”

According to Kuleba, if the Ukrainian offensive falters, this will affect the additional supply of American and European weapons. He also noted that there is a narrative in the West that is dangerous for Kiev that the Ukrainian Armed Forces must wage “one decisive battle” that determines the outcome of the entire conflict, otherwise military assistance must be stopped.

On the other hand, a lengthy report published by the New York Times revealed many imbalances among the American volunteers in Ukraine, some of which relate to claiming non-existent military experience, wasting resources, and trying to profit from the war.

The “New York Times” highlighted that the research and interviews it conducted revealed a series of acts of deception, mistakes, and disagreements among volunteer fighters in Ukraine that hindered the volunteer campaign that began after the Russian invasion of Ukraine at the end of February 2022, when Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky launched an appeal requesting He asked all friends of Ukraine who wanted to join the fight in its defense to come to the country, stressing that Ukraine would give them weapons to do so.

Thursday, March 30, 2023

NATO nations’ support to Ukrainian armed forces reaches another level

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Ukrainian officials have shown off nee weapons systems received from NATO nations, which they said will allow them to launch offensive actions to take back territories now under Russian control.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, released images of new weapons and transport systems handed over by the US. The Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov, was shown testing the new Strykers and Cougars handed over by USA.

Also, more than 300 powerful DJI Mavic 3T Thermal copters for Ukraine's Defense Forces were transferred to the frontlines, according to Ukrainian forces.

This unprecedented number of weapons transferred to a war zone is likely to push both sides to escalate.

Russian officials have used a strategy of inserting new weapons to the battle field incrementally and in reaction to NATO’s increased involvement, which can lead to a dangerous nuclear confrontation.

These developments bring to the forefront once again the consequences of illegal wars, invasions, and aggressions undertaken by Western states in the last 3 decades. Most recently, the US invasion of Iraq and how that event is unmasking the inequality that permeates the world today. If Iraq has had reliable and powerful allies with nuclear weapons, who decided to take the same actions taken by Western nations to support Ukraine resist an illegal war, what would the outcome have been? What if Russia and China, had used the same logic, and decided to openly provide weapons and military support to Iraq to defend itself? What would that have done to the world order then?

And did Russia exert a level of restraint, voicing their opposition to those illegal wars (Ira, Syria, Yemen, and Libya) without providing any lethal aid to these attacked nations to defend themselves, made them think that if they did the same, attack another nations in the future, the West will do the same (not provide military assistance)?

Since that assumption is proved wrong now, will Russia supply its friends who are under threat of attack from Western nations, like Iran, with all kinds of weapons and technology to pre-empt an attack, or strike military alliances that would allow them to intervene militarily in defense of their allies?

This is how complex the effects of the war in Ukraine and the West’s reaction to it is. With election cycles around the corner in key Westerm nations, it is only  matter of months, not years, to see how these decisions will shape the outcome of the war in Ukraine.

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

An investigative report reveals that some countries, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE, are secretly sending ammunition to Ukraine

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A report on the "Intelligence Online" website said that a number of countries, which are part of an alliance with Western countries and NATO, secretly send ammunition and military aid to Ukraine.

The report stated that a large group of these countries, "despite their formal neutrality, especially countries dealing with the military industry sector in the West, are indirectly helping the war effort to support Ukraine militarily, by secretly opening up its stockpiles of weapons in favor of Kiev."

The site investigated, in particular, the supply of French "Crotal" and "Mistral" missiles, anti-aircraft and air targets, short and medium range, and French "Milan" anti-tank missiles, for use against Russia.

Ukraine's extensive use of missiles and missiles is a motive for its allies to urgently find new military supplies, especially after Kiev's growing demands for more ammunition and weapons to be used against Russian forces.

French officials remain silent so far on this issue, and it seems that the participation of these countries came as part of an agreement at the level of Western countries and their allies, according to which these participating countries were requested.

According to information obtained in the relevant capitals, a group of neutral governments have officially opened their military stockpiles, in order to compensate for the shortage caused by dwindling Western ammunition stocks, after more than a year of conflict in Ukraine.

The information stated that "the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar provided, within this framework, hundreds of "Mistral" anti-aircraft missile systems, which were delivered to Ukraine, thanks to the intermediary countries working for Kiev.

Other countries, officially involved in supporting Ukraine, such as Finland, supplied it with weapons and made it public. However, countries, such as the Gulf states, which have relations with Moscow, chose to maintain secrecy regarding the provision of "Mistral" missiles to Ukraine.

A few days ago, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged Europe to "strengthen the supply of modern weapons, expedite their dispatch, and impose tougher sanctions on Russia."

"It is up to the 27-nation bloc to take measures to contain Russia, more than a year after its war with Ukraine," Zelensky said, in a speech that expressed exceptional and frank frustration.

He pointed out that the European Union "was the one that postponed decisions on providing long-range weapons and modern combat aircraft, and moving forward with talks to grant Ukraine its membership."

Czech Republic announces the cessation of military assistance to Ukraine

This comes after the President of the Czech Republic declared that his country “can no longer help Ukraine militarily by supplying weapons,” due to “the shortage of its military depots,” and its “inability to adequately produce ammunition,” especially since its forces “are suffering significant deficiency."


According to the Czech president, his country "has the opportunity to expand production in the field of air defense and ammunition, but there is a problem due to a shortage of labor with the current unemployment rate, which is very low in the republic," noting that "a way out of the situation requires attracting workers from Ukraine."

Last week, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced a new US military aid package worth $350 million to Ukraine, based on an authorization from US President Joe Biden, while the thirty-fourth withdrawal of US weapons and equipment from the stockpile allocated to the Ministry of Defense within a year.

Monday, March 27, 2023

There Will be no Bakhmut Left for anyone to Keep or Liberate

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The battle for the city of Bakhmut is not a battle for the city at all. Because there will be no city after the battle. That is one of the reasons why armed actors who seek shelter among civilians and fires from near their homes are committing a war crime according to international treaties. 

Although far from traditional homeland of Islam, here too, the Mosque stand witness to the recklessness and cruelty of war. A tank that appears to belong to the armed forces of Ukraine is stationed near what is left of a damaged mosque and firing.

There are many reasons why Ukrainian leaders are choosing to make a stand in the city of Bakhmut and not retreat. Perhaps one of the reasons is how they can use homes of civilians and their mosques and ch

urches as shield while they battle with the Russians. They want these cities and towns destroyed if they cannot be preserved under their control. That is criminal intent.

Urban warfare is not a neutral category. Urban warfare, when it is done intentionally, when an army or an armed group decides to engage in war activities from near mosques, hospitals, and other civilian structures, they are committing a war crime. 


When the US invaded Iraq in 2003, the Iraqi army collapsed very quickly. For civilians, especially those in large cities such as Baghdad, that was a good thing. The collapse of the Iraqi military spared large cities from complete destruction. 

But not all Iraqi cities avoided urban warfare. The fate of Fallujah comes to mind. Since the invasion, the city of Fallujah did not actually fall under the total control of the coalition forces. In fact, a year after the invasion, US troops tried to flush out pockets of armed rebels who took the city, especially the old city with its narrow walkways and dense neighborhoods as shield. From April 1 to May 1, 2004, US troops fought running battles with the armed groups. Knowing the cost of urban warfare is high for all sides, US troops decided to leave the city alone. That was the end of the First Battle of Fallujah. That retreat encouraged fighters from inside Iraq and outside Iraq, mostly fighters affiliated with al-Qaeda, to settle in Fallujah and use it as a base for their attacks. That brought back the coalition forces, this time, they were determined to liberate the city even if that meant its full destruction. 

From the first week of November to right before Christmas Eve of 2004, American, Iraqi, and British troops battled with armed groups in the city in what was officially called Operation al-Fajr, popularly known and the Second Battle of Fallujah. In the end, 710 coalition forces were killed or wounded and more than 3,000 rebels were killed or captured. But we may never know how many civilians, out of the more than quarter million residents of the city were killed or injured. That number was estimated to be in the thousands, to add to the estimate total number of 650,000 civilians who were killed in Iran during the invasion. As if two battles were not enough, when ISIL took over large territories in Syrian and Iraq, Fallujah falls back into urban violence once more.

If images of city buildings were an indication of the level of destruction urban warfare can bring, the images of the destroyed homes and mosques tell a story of unlivable devastation—the City of Mosques was reduced to a City of Ruin.

 The same applies to the urban warfare that took place in Syrian and is now taking place in Ukraine. 

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Zelenskiy uses Islam for war purposes

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Zelenskiy uses “Ramadan” and uses the power of “prayer” to help him “cleanse Ukraine” of the evil of the “Russian atheist.” An attempt to evoke the literature of “jihad” and incitement with the weapon of religion.

The Russian-Ukrainian war takes on a religious character in addition to its political, economic, and social dimensions, and this is evident when the Ukrainian president tried to use the month of Ramadan to serve him and his regime, and to tarnish the image of his Russian opponent.

Volodymyr Zelensky wrote on his Twitter account, a controversial tweet, taking advantage of the month of Ramadan, saying:

May the power of prayer in this holy month of Ramadan help us cleanse Ukraine of Russian godless evil, of those who truly believe in nothing, and that is why they are capable of such terror. Let the next Ramadan begin in peace and on the entire Ukrainian land free from Russia.

Zelensky is addressing the Ukrainian Muslim community, which is mainly represented by the Tatars residing in Crimea, which Russia has controlled since 2014, but according to commentators at the same time, he does not explain to the Muslims the reasons why his soldiers set out to burn the Qur’an, nor does he offer an apology or justification for them.

In his use of the description of the “Russian atheist,” Zelensky goes back to the inflammatory literature and descriptions that were used against the “atheist” Soviet Union in Afghanistan and the “jihad” against it, trying to incite Muslims against the current Russian regime, which no longer adopts atheism and communism as an approach, and embraces Muslims and their mosques. (Moscow's Grand Mosque was personally inaugurated by Putin), and he shares their religious events with them. Even the most prominent ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin is the "bearded Muslim" Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov.

Zelensky said in his tweet, which he published with a video clip: “A large part of Ukrainian society are Muslims, and we have the Crimean Tatars who are spending this blessed month in conditions of Russian persecution, and some of them are under other bombings on the fronts,” adding: “Let the month of Ramadan begin in peace and on peace... The entire Ukrainian land free of Russia.”

Activists and tweeters interacted with the Ukrainian president’s “religious” tweet, and some of them considered that the exploitation of religion in wars is no longer as effective as it was, while others found that the Kiev regime is far from caring and caring for Muslims, and a third said that the weapon of religion is imposed, regardless of the party we support.

Meanwhile, Kadyrov, visited with his troops, many of whom just returned from the frontlines in Ukraine, some will be going there soon. Here is his most recent release, a video, showing one of his elite units.


The following statement by Ramzan Kadyrov accompanied the video:

I took part in the ceremonial formation of the personnel of the 94th operational regiment of the 46th OBron of the North Caucasus Oblast of the VNG of Russia. The event was held on the occasion of the appointment of dear BROTHER Khasmagomed Magomadov to the post of unit commander. The corresponding order was signed by the Director of the Russian Guard, General of the Army, respected by us Viktor Zolotov.

I have known Khasmagomed Adikovich for many years. He showed himself excellently both while serving in the law enforcement agencies of the Chechen Republic, and in the zone of the special military operation in Ukraine. Khasmagomed has long proved in practice that he is a true warrior and patriot, for whom the interests of the Motherland are above all else.

Now, I am sure that under his competent and effective leadership, the 94th regiment will become one of the most combat-ready units of the National Guard. We will render full assistance to Khasmagomed in this task.

Being not only the head of the republic, but also the Colonel-General of the Russian Guard, I personally control the supply issues. I know perfectly well how much attention the director of the Federal Service for the National Guard Viktor Vasilyevich Zolotov pays to the issues of providing for the Russian Guards. We are deeply grateful to him for the comprehensive support of the units stationed in the Chechen Republic.

I sincerely congratulate Khasmagomed Magomadov on his appointment to the post of commander of the 94th operational regiment of the 46th OBron SKO VNG of Russia! I wish him good luck in his future service for the benefit of our great Motherland - Russia!


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