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Saturday, June 01, 2024

Islamic Societies Review MONTHLY -- May 2024

    Saturday, June 01, 2024   No comments

ISR MONTHLY is a bulletin updating our readers about news stories and analyses of the month. If you have content you would like to recommend or share, please read the referral guidelines and instructions.

Journalist, Ed O’Keefe Asks: "How Many More Charred Corpses Does The President Need To See" To Change Gaza War Policy

     Thursday, May 30, 2024   No comments

 Journalist, Ed O’Keefe Asks: How Many More Charred Corpses Does the President, Joe Biden, Need to See to Change Gaza War Policy?

Should European Nation-States Be Praised For Their Willingness To Now Recognize A Palestinian State?

     Wednesday, May 29, 2024   No comments

 Considering that 147 out of 193 countries in the United Nations General Assembly already recognize Palestine, European governments should not be praised for just now...

Lily Greenberg Call: Biden Corrupted The Idea Of Jewish Safety, Weaponizing My Community As A Shield To Dodge Accountability

     Tuesday, May 28, 2024   No comments

 Former Biden Political Appointee, Lily Greenberg Call, writiing to the Guardian: > I resigned on Wednesday, 15 May – the 76th anniversary of the Nakba –...

Media Review: Haaretz Asks, "Did The Right-Wing Celebration Of The Rafah Massacre Reveal The “Ugly Face” Of Israel?"

     Tuesday, May 28, 2024   No comments

Some say that the Israeli right's celebration of the massacre of civilians in Rafah is the true ugly face of Israel, making those who believe or actually know that there is a "different Israel" face an impossible challenge in their quest to prove the opposite.

This is what is summarized by an article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, which confirmed at the beginning that the massacre that took place in the Palestinian city of Rafah last Sunday was inevitable, as regardless of how accurate the Israeli military strikes were, and in light of the presence of more than a million Palestinian refugees in the region’s camps, it was inevitable, Sooner or later, this will cause mass human casualties.

 She explained that this Israeli raid caused widespread destruction, killing at least 45 people, and the footage showed civilians floundering in tents surrounded by hell.

 As usual, the article's author, Alison Kaplan Sommer, says Israel's leaders, citizens, and supporters abroad were ready to defend Israel's "moral" army.

 The writer pointed out that they expressed their rejection and denunciation of any accusation that the aggression could have been avoided, or any suggestion that what happened was intentional, including the use of words such as “genocide” or “massacre.”

 Such accusations are “an inaccurate distortion of the truth at best and vile anti-Semitism at worst,” they claim.

 “But before they could do it this time, it became painfully clear from the beginning that their efforts would be in vain,” Sommer said.

 Far-right media voices in Israel soon began celebrating the fires, and thus the deaths of those engulfed in the flames, by jokingly comparing the images to the memorial bonfires lit on Lag Baomer - the Jewish holiday that fell on the same day as the massacre.

 She added that these extremists expressed their happiness that this fire was “the central bonfire in Rafah,” wishing those affected a “Happy Eid,” in tweets that were later deleted, but they will not be forgotten, and will be referred to as evidence that the fire was intentional, and was even celebrated, As she said.

 Sommer explained that the most prominent journalist who fanned the flames of hatred is Yinon Magal, who is constantly proven to be Itamar Ben Gvir by the Israeli media, and it seems that, like the extremist minister, he rejoices and is proud of the insolent manifestations that indicate disdain for the lives of the Palestinians and denial of their humanity.

 She concluded that Ben Gvir and Magal's behavior provides sufficient evidence of malicious intentions to obstruct any attempt by Israel to defend the behavior of its army, which makes erasing the image of "the ugly face of Israel" difficult for those who believe that it has another side.

Spanish Defense Minister: What Is Happening In Gaza Is A Real Genocide... Something That Cannot Be Ignored

     Saturday, May 25, 2024   No comments

Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles confirmed today, Saturday, that the war on the Gaza Strip is a “true genocide,” in light of the deterioration of...

Three European Nations To Recognize Palestinian State

     Wednesday, May 22, 2024   No comments

In a historic move expected to quell the flames of war in the Middle East, Ireland, Norway and Spain announced the recognition of a Palestinian...

Iran’s Governing Institutions Will Be Tested, Again, Upon The Death Of The President In A Crash Of The Presidential Helicopter

     Monday, May 20, 2024   No comments

Iran is no stranger to situations where the holder of the top executive branch of government is vacated. Twice since 1979 and Iranian head of...

On This Day In History, May 19, Malcolm X, An Icon For Resisting Injustice By “Any Means Necessary”, Was Born

     Monday, May 20, 2024   No comments

On May 19 of every year, many Americans celebrate “Malcolm Day,” the anniversary of his birth, to honor one of the most prominent defenders of...

Wealthy Individuals And Business Leaders Including The Founder Of Starbucks, Incited The Police To Suppress The Student Movement Protesting Genocide

     Sunday, May 19, 2024   No comments

The Washington Post revealedWashington Post revealed that a group of American billionaires, including the founder of Starbucks, pressured the mayor of New York to send...

Another US Governmental Official And A Biden Appointee, Who Is Also Jewish, Resign Protesting Biden's Handling Of The War In Gaza Calling It A Genocide

     Friday, May 17, 2024   No comments

In a move that some observers described as a resounding rejection of Biden's handling of the war in Gaza, a high-ranking Jewish employee in the...

Reviewing Naomi Klein’s Declaration Of Exodus From Zionism

     Thursday, May 16, 2024   No comments

On the eve of the Jewish Passover, and at his “Seder” celebration in the streets of New York, which was witnessed by Jews and non-Jews,...

Arab Rulers’ Summit In Bahrain, The Tradition Of Irrelevance

     Thursday, May 16, 2024   No comments

Today, Thursday, in the Bahraini capital, Manama, the work of the Arab League Council began at the summit level in its thirty-third regular session, in...

Senior Officer In The US Defense Intelligence Agency Resigned Objecting To US Aid Being Used In Thethe Killing Of Civilians And Children In Gaza

     Monday, May 13, 2024   No comments

The New York Times reports that a  senior officer in the US Defense Intelligence Agency announced his resignation from the army, rejecting the killing of...

US Elections: Gaza War Is For Biden What Covid-19 Was For Trump

     Monday, May 13, 2024   No comments

If Trump lost the 2020 elections because of Covid-19, Biden may lose it because of his support for actions that are producing a genocide in...

Media Review: New York Times Answers The Question, Why Do American Students Choose Aljazeera?

     Monday, May 13, 2024   No comments

The New York Times, which has been accused of biased reporting on the war in Gaza even by its own contributors, and and whose editors instruct its journalists about...

Media Review: Biden Declaration That “Full” Rafah Invasion Means No US Arms To Israel From This Point Forward, Essentially Confirming US Complicity In Attacks On Other Urban Areas In Gaza

     Thursday, May 09, 2024   No comments

US President Joe Biden claimed on 8 May that his government will not support or provide weapons for an expanded Israeli assault on Gaza’s southernmost...

Work, Wealth, And Artificial Intelligence

     Thursday, May 09, 2024   No comments

With every human adoption of a new tool, fear about the future of humanity follows. Many of these adoptions are profoundly justified. The development of...


Work, Wealth, And Artificial Intelligence

     Thursday, May 09, 2024   No comments

With every human adoption of a new tool, fear about the future of humanity follows. Many of these adoptions are profoundly justified. The development of...

US House Republicans Want To Send Americans To Gaza; Americans Should Take The Offer

     Wednesday, May 08, 2024   No comments

The US Republicans, who would otherwise support freedom of speech to continue to spew hate and racism, found the limits of freedom of speech and...

Media Review; François Burga: Zionism Is A Racist Ideology, Two Models For Apossible Solution--Algerian Or South African Model

     Tuesday, May 07, 2024   No comments

This weeks media review focus on a conversation with the French intellectual and Middle East Studies expert, François Borga. In this summary of the interview...

Side Effects Of Iran's Retaliatory Strike On Israel: Iraqi Kurdistan Now Wants Security Talks In Iran After Years Of Tensions

     Monday, May 06, 2024   No comments

It may escape many, but the connection between Iran’s strike on Israel in retaliation for the latter’s attack on its diplomatic building in Syria is...

The Foreign Ministers Of Iran And Egypt Discuss Developments In The Region And Efforts To Stop The Genocide In The Gaza Strip

     Saturday, May 04, 2024   No comments

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Hassan Shoukry and Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian affirmed their countries' complete rejection of the Israeli occupation's ground military operations...

Current Events: What Should The World Think When A Majority Of The People In A Country Support A Genocidal Regime?

     Saturday, May 04, 2024   No comments

How should a nation whose majority support extremists be treated?It depends.If such a country is a non-Western nation-state, then that will make the entire country...

Anti-Genocide Student Protests Go Global

     Saturday, May 04, 2024   No comments

By mid-April, students attending wealthy private universities that have tens of billions of dollars in endowments invested in all forms of economic activities wanted their...

Media Review: “What Is Worse: Israel’s Lies About Gaza Or Amplifying These Lies By Supporters?”

     Friday, May 03, 2024   No comments

To close this week, our media review highlights an article in UK media that focused on a theme our readers should be quite familiar--the fake...

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