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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Israeli PM: “Islam in the Arab countries needs radical change”

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The war in Gaza may not be a war against Hamas after all, it is a war on the ideology and beliefs of Hamas. Echoing France’ President who called for an “Enlightened Islam”, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during his meeting with American businessman Elon Musk, who visited the Gaza Strip settlements, that “Islam in the Arab countries needs a radical change.”

Israel will purge Gaza’s mosques and schools of their “poisonous” ideology once its war with Hamas concludes, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told X (aka Twitter) owner Elon Musk in an interview on Monday.


The Israeli premier pointed to the wealthy Gulf states as examples of Muslim countries that had been “de-radicalized.”


Speaking to Musk in an interview live-streamed on X, Netanyahu said that the destruction of Hamas would be a “precursor” to more systemic changes in Gaza.

Expanding on his vision of a “de-radicalized” Gaza, Netanyahu told Musk that “you first have to get rid of the poisonous regime, as you did in Germany, as you did in Japan in World War II.”


Netanyahu pointed to the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain as examples of Arab states that had undergone this process, likely referring to their recognition of Israel in 2020. With Riyadh on the cusp of a US-brokered recognition deal before the current war began, Netanyahu added that the “same thing is happening to a considerable extent in Saudi Arabia.”


The Israeli leader suggested that his country’s “Arab friends” could help rebuild Gaza, where the UN estimates that around half of all homes have been destroyed since the war began. Earlier this month, Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said that the Arab nations would not take part in any potential post-conflict peacekeeping in Gaza, nor would they “clean the mess” left behind by the Israeli military.


Monday, October 16, 2023

Timeline and connections between the fake news story of “40 babies beheaded” and the stabbing to death of Muslim-American child

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Media review: 
The leader of “the most powerful nation in history”, Biden, and a cable channel that propagandize for itself under the slogan, “The Most Trusted Name in News”, peddled a fake news stories originating in Israel and claiming that “40 babies beheaded” by Palestinians. Four days later, in an area near Chicago, a man stabbed a 6 year old -Muslim-American child, while shouting, “You Muslims must die”.

As we have learned from the last 4 years, words of persons in positions of power have consequences. A Congressional committee condemned former president Trump for saying to his supporters to “fight like hell”. It was argued that his words incited the violent attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

The words of the president of the United States and the media do shape the national discourse, and evidently, the discourse created an atmosphere in which the cruel stabbing of a six-year-old American was made real, and possibly more Muslim-Americans will face more violence because of this irresponsible behavior.

Words matter, and those in power must pay attention to their words. This is just an example of how media outlets and political leaders fail to undertake due diligence check for a story before amplifying it, and the deadly consequences of such negligence.


Friday, July 28, 2023

Racism in Europe: Third racism scandal hits Finland’s government in space of a month

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The Garden of Prosperity has a problem: Is it racism or migration?

Last Thursday, July 27, the Finnish newspaper "Helsingen Sanomat" revealed the messages sent by Minister Wille Rydman (of the far-right "Finns Party") about 7 years ago (in 2016) when he was a member of parliament.

The newspaper said that it had obtained the messages in which he used "racist language against minorities" from his ex-girlfriend, "Amanda Blake", noting that she decided to reveal them due to the important ministerial position he holds.

At the time the letters were sent, Rydman was a member of the Constitutional Law Committee and the Administrative Committee, during which he helped pass anti-immigrant laws, according to the newspaper.

In one of his letters to his girlfriend, Redman likened the growth of a plant to the Somalis in the country, saying, "But as soon as you bring a lily-of-the-valley to this spot, you will find it everywhere, and it spreads and multiplies like the Somalis."

In another message, Rydman shared with his girlfriend a song written by his fellow parliamentarian, "Juho Irola", which inappropriately talks about a Muslim leaving his homeland. "Irola" had written it after many asylum seekers flocked to Finland in 2015, according to the deputy's statement to the newspaper.

Rydman suggested to his girlfriend that the song be used in student parties, and the minister commented in another message on previous news about the Belgian government allowing employers to ban the wearing of the veil, saying, "I prefer to prevent those who wear the veil over banning the veil alone."

The messages revealed Rydmans use of offensive terms such as "monkeys" or "desert monkeys", referring to Arabs or people of the Middle East.

In other messages, his girlfriend expressed her desire to give her child Jewish names, and he said in response to her, "We - the Nazis - do not like these Jewish names," and he also expressed his regret that Germany had left "its Nazi traces fading."

Media outlets quoted Finnish Prime Minister Petteri Orbo as confirming that he did not support the language that Rydman used in his messages, but at the same time he confirmed his confidence in him and did not mention the existence of any measures against him.

It is noteworthy that Minister Rydman was appointed as a replacement for former Economy Minister Wilhelm Gonella, who resigned last June after only 10 days of taking office, due to his old pro-Nazi statements.

For his part, Minister Rydman stated in his response to the leaks that he was considering suing the newspaper "Helsingen Sanomat", and wrote on Twitter, "The writer of the story in the newspaper is already suspected of defamation against me, as well as his source mentioned in the story, and the police reported that the matter is under legal follow-up." .

"The real scandal is that the newspaper is a platform for those who lied to me, and the other scandal is that the letters exchanged years ago - whether true or not - were considered the subject of a story for a big newspaper," he added.

"The most difficult since World War II"... Sweden confirms the deterioration of security after insulting the Qur'an

The Swedish Prime Minister, Ulf Christerson, announced that Sweden is facing "the most difficult security situation since World War II," after the activities of burning a copy of the Noble Qur'an.

Christerson said, after meeting with his Danish counterpart, Mette Frederiksen, that his government discussed with the Danish government the situation over the insult to the Qur'an, adding, "We are currently facing the most difficult security situation since World War II."

The Swedish Prime Minister indicated that some countries "could take advantage of the deteriorating security situation in Sweden," stressing that the authorities of the two countries consider such a situation "dangerous" and will take the necessary measures.

On the first day of Eid al-Adha, a video clip spread showing the extremist Sloan Momica tearing up a copy of the Holy Qur’an at the Stockholm Central Mosque, after the Swedish police granted him permission to organize the protest following an official decision, and this was met with widespread condemnation from various countries and organizations.

Later, the Swedish police again agreed to organize a demonstration in front of the Iraqi embassy in Stockholm, in which the demonstrators, including the extremist Mumika, burned the Iraqi flag and a copy of the Noble Qur’an, which also sparked widespread condemnation.

In response, Baghdad severed its relations with Stockholm, and expelled the Swedish ambassador. A few days ago, the head of the Supreme Judicial Council in Iraq, Faiq Zaidan, confirmed the follow-up to Silwan Momica's recovery file.

The "Ansar Allah" movement also issued a decision to boycott Swedish goods by banning their import, and canceling the registered agencies for goods and products of Swedish origin.

In Denmark, a Danish far-right anti-Islam group burned a copy of the Holy Quran and the Iraqi flag, a few days ago, in front of the Iraqi embassy in Copenhagen.

The Danish government affirmed that "burning sacred texts and other religious symbols is a shameful act that does not respect the religion of others," stressing at the same time the need to respect what it called "freedom of expression and assembly," and supporting "the right to peaceful protest," as it said.

On the tenth anniversary of Muharram, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, affirmed that the governments of Sweden and Denmark and the whole world must understand that "we are a nation that does not tolerate aggression and abuse of its symbols and sanctities," calling on Muslims to punish those who abuse the Qur'an.

Likewise, the leader of the Ansar Allah movement, Sayyid Abd al-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, affirmed that "what the Jewish lobby in Western countries is doing, in terms of burning and tearing copies of the Qur'an, is the height of blasphemy and an assault on Islam and Muslims."

Mr. Al-Houthi called for severing diplomatic relations with countries that allow the burning of copies of the Noble Qur’an, in addition to boycotting them economically, stressing that “if the nation’s position does not live up to this possible ease, then it is a great failure towards the most important sanctity of Muslims.”

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

27 years later, an apology for the Srebrenica Genocide

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The Netherlands on Monday offered its "deepest apologies" for the role played by Dutch peacekeepers in the Srebrenica genocide.

Roughly 8,000 Bosnian Muslims were brutally murdered by attacking Bosnian Serb forces 27 years ago.

For the first time since the 1995 massacre, Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren apologized to survivors for the Dutch peacekeepers' failure to prevent the killings.

"The international community failed to offer adequate protection to the people of Srebrenica. The Dutch government shares responsibility for the situation in which that failure occurred. And for this, we offer our deepest apologies," Ollongren said during a ceremony in Potocari.

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