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Chechen Republic President explains why his troops are fighting in Ukraine

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The President of the Chechen Republic has sent troops to Ukraine since the start of the military operation there. He offered many reasons for doing so—from protecting the Russian federation (fatherland), to fighting evil. With the increased number of Chechen and central Asian Muslims joining the “International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine”, the foreign armed group founded by order of the president of Ukraine, the leader of the Muslim republic found it necessary to justify his decision to send troops to fight for Russia to Muslims inside and outside Chechenia. In his most recent statement, Kadyrov showed a video that allegedly show Ukrainian government fighters burning the Quran, to recall the event of burning the Quran in Europe. He captioned the video with the following statement:

I swear by Almighty Allah, we will not allow anyone to mock the Holy Quran with impunity, and the punishment of the Lord of the Worlds will reach you, wherever you are! I sincerely pray that this punishment will be brought to you through our warriors, who are more eager to destroy you than you want to live.

This is your true fascist-satanic inside. I would like to see how you dare to touch the Holy Quran, if at least one Chechen or Muslim is within your reach. You would not dare to commit this blasphemous act if such an approach to a foreign nation, culture, religion would not be your state ideology.

I want to address the so-called Muslims who allegedly fight as part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. What is it like for you to be in the same ranks with the enemies of Allah? What justification will you find for yourself on the day of the great judgment? You have no excuse! You will be cursed, as will those who dare to encroach on the Holy Quran.

And to the scum that are presented in these frames, I will say: you do not have long to endure the cold. Very soon you will be able to warm yourself in hellfire. I will spare no effort and means to find you and punish you! And I pray to Allah Almighty to hasten your inevitable end.

 The referenced video clip allegedly show Ukrainian soldiers burning a number of copies of the Holy Qur'an.

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