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ISR Weekly Review Bulletin for September 6, 2023

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  Keeping our readers informed about the most consequential events in this fast changing world.

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Rights Matters: Muslims Right To Education Is Superseded By France's Commitment To Secularism

     Tuesday, September 05, 2023   

As the new academic year starts, Muslims’ right to education in Europe is denied in order to uphold and enforce secularism. This seems to be...

Media Review: Africa's French-Backed Governments Are Falling One After The Other, Is Senegal Next?

     Monday, September 04, 2023   

Der Spiegel asked the same question: Another pro-French regime is shaking... Will Senegal be next?The German newspaper "Der Spiegel" indicated that France Afrique's regime had...

The Aftermath Of BRICS Expansion: The West Will Warn Its Arab Allies Who Joined The Bloc

     Monday, September 04, 2023  

BRICS membership expanded, and with that expansion comes benefits and responsibilities. Among them is closer economic cooperation among member states. This would mean that Russia,...

Amir Abdollahian Receives Hakan Fidan: Research On Bilateral And Regional Issues, Preparation For A Trilateral Summit Of Iran-Saudi Arabia-Turkiye Is Underway

     Sunday, September 03, 2023   

Today, Sunday, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian received his Turkish counterpart Hakan Fidan, who is on his first visit to Tehran since taking office.The...

The Statements Of A Belgian Minister About The Occupation's Violations Against The Palestinians And The Killing Of Children Raise A Diplomatic Crisis With Israel.. And Guinness Confirms That She Does Not Regret Her Statements

     Saturday, September 02, 2023   

The statements of the Belgian Minister of Cooperation and Development, Caroline Guenez, about Israel's violations against the Palestinians, sparked a diplomatic crisis with Tel Aviv,...

Presidential Elections In Singapore.. Tharman Is The Likely Successor To Halima Yaqoub

     Friday, September 01, 2023   

Since its secession from the Federation of Malaysia in 1965 until today, Singapore has known only 3 prime ministers, while 8 presidents have succeeded in...

Days Before A Meeting Between Putin And Erdogan In Sochi, Russia Starts Delivering Grain To 6 African Countries Without Charge

     Friday, September 01, 2023   

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced the start of work to deliver grain to 6 African countries free of charge. This comes after a meeting...

Media Review: Islamic Dress Front And Center In France Again... He Who Wears A Cape Or A Shirt Will Not Enter His Classroom On Mondays

     Thursday, August 31, 2023   

On Sunday, French Education Minister Gabriel Atal announced that he would ban the wearing of the "cloak" in French schools, indicating that wearing this Islamic...

Philippines: Muslims Affirm That The First Dictionary Of Islamic Law Will Be Issued Bearing The Slogan Of Justice And Mercy

     Wednesday, August 30, 2023   

With the Philippines achieving the achievement of publishing the first dictionary of Islamic law, Muslims expressed their happiness that the aforementioned book promotes neutrality and...

Russia Activates Its Alternative Routes To Replace Transit And Shipping Through The Black Sea, While Iran Saudi Arabia Upgrade Their Newly Revived Relations

     Tuesday, August 29, 2023   

The chief executive of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways (RAI) announced on 27 August the transit of Russian cargo to Saudi Arabia via the...

Macron Admits The Western Dominated Global Order Is Being Challenged, Calls For Revised Strategies

     Monday, August 28, 2023   

In his annual address to French ambassadors, French President Emmanuel Macron admits the Western dominated global order is being challenged, calls for strengthening of France's...

Biden: “We Must Refuse To Live In A Country Where Black Families Live In Fear Of Being Gunned Down Because Of The Color Of Their Skin.”

     Monday, August 28, 2023   

President Biden and other politicians are falling back on rhetoric instead of facing the systemic problem of racism that has been a reality in US...

Saudi Arabia To Teach Two Chinese Classes Weekly In Secondary Schools

     Monday, August 28, 2023   

The education authorities in Saudi Arabia have reportedly instructed all public and private secondary schools to teach two Chinese language classes each week. Experts said...

Qatar In Talks With Algeria To Invest In Petrochemical Projects In The North African Country

     Thursday, August 24, 2023   

According to an Elkhabar Daily report published on 18 August, Qatar is currently in talks with the Algerian government to construct a chemical power plant...

Including Iran And Saudi Arabia.. 6 New Countries Join As Full Members Of The "BRICS"

     Thursday, August 24, 2023   

Today, Thursday, 6 countries joined as full members of the "BRICS" group, namely Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The Final declaration states:

Days After Iranian Officials Unveiled New Weapons Systems, Military Officials Visit Russia

     Wednesday, August 23, 2023   

Ten years ago, Russia cancelled many deals with Iran to honor Western sanctions on Iran. Today, Russia is more eager than Iran to expand military...

Media Review, BILD: Russia, Türkiye And Qatar Are Preparing A New Agreement To Replace The Grain Deal

     Friday, August 18, 2023   

 Russia, Türkiye and Qatar are preparing a new agreement to replace the grain deal, BILD,  reports.The media leaked memos between the Foreign Ministry and the...

Amir Abdullahian After Meeting Ibn Salman In Jeddah: Our Talks Were Frank And Fruitful--The Saudi Crown Prince After The Meeting: A Review Of Ways To Develop Relations

     Friday, August 18, 2023   

Today, the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, received the Iranian Foreign Minister, Hussein Amir Abdullahian, in the city of Jeddah, in the first meeting...

A Senior Official In “NATO”: Ukraine Can Join The Alliance If It Cedes Part Of Its Territory To Russia, And Medvedev, Kiyv Respond

     Wednesday, August 16, 2023   

 The Director of the Office of the Secretary General of NATO, Stian Jensen, said today, Tuesday, that “Ukraine can obtain membership in the alliance in...

Media Review: The Guardian Says Britain Must Acknowledge Its Role In The 1953 Coup In Iran

     Tuesday, August 15, 2023  

A report in the British newspaper, The Guardian, spoke today, Tuesday, about "the need for the United Kingdom to recognize its role in the coup...

The Century Project.. Algeria Announces The Completion Of A Road Linking Its Borders With Tunisia And Morocco

     Sunday, August 13, 2023   

Algeria announced, on Saturday, the completion of the “East-West Highway,” which starts from the country’s western border with Morocco and reaches its eastern border with...

In Retreating From The Threat Of Military Intervention To Restore The Elected Government.. ECOWAS: Dialogue With The Leaders Of The Nigerien Coup Is The "Basic" Of Efforts To Resolve The Crisis

     Thursday, August 10, 2023   

The leaders of West African countries stressed Thursday that they will make negotiations with the military leaders who seized power in Niger the "base" of their efforts to defuse the crisis, in retreat from the threat of military intervention to restore the elected government.

Keeping our readers informed about the most consequential events in this fast changing worldManage your Subscription; invite a friend to subscribe to ISR’s Weekly Review Bulletin

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