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Islamic Societies Review MONTHLY--February 2024

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Media Review: Bearing False Witness--New York Times, Western Media

     Thursday, February 29, 2024   No comments

Journalism (mass communication) is the fourth branch of government. As to how much power this fourth branch of government has, that depends on the circumstances...

Media Review: US Navy Pilot Burned Himself In Front Of The Israeli Embassy In Washington: "I Will No Longer Be Complicit In Genocide"

     Monday, February 26, 2024   No comments

Aljazeera reported that the Pentagon confirmed on Monday the death of a US Navy pilot who burned himself in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington to protest the war in Gaza.

Pilot Aaron Bushnell (25 years old) died of the serious burns he sustained yesterday, Sunday. This incident comes amid mounting protests in the United States against the ongoing war in Gaza.

The US Troops In Iraq Are There To Stay Unless The US Government Chooses To Pull Them Out

     Sunday, February 25, 2024   No comments

 Since the 1990 US intervention in Iraq and the UNSC action after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, Iraq lost control of its economy and that has...

China To The International Court Of Justice: Armed Resistance Is A Legitimate Right

     Saturday, February 24, 2024   No comments

 China used its participation in the International Court of Justice hearings on Palestine to counter the US argument that Israel should not be ordered to...

Does Providing Weapons To State That Kills Civilians And Children In Disproportionate Numbers Represent Complicity In Alleged War Crimes?

     Saturday, February 24, 2024   No comments

While some other Western countries continue to supply Israel with weapons systems that are used in its war on Gaza that have resulted in the...

German Government Officials Accused Of Complicity In The Gaza Genocide

     Friday, February 23, 2024   No comments

Victims of months of Israel's attacks on Gaza are filing a criminal complaint against top German government officials for supporting Israel's war crimes and "genocide"...

Media Review: The West Is Losing “Liberal Muslims” Because Of The Gaza War

     Wednesday, February 21, 2024   No comments

The American magazine "Foreign Policy" saw that what it described as "Western indifference towards Palestinian suffering in the Gaza Strip" alienates what it calls "liberal...

Lula Da Silva: What Is Happening In The Gaza Strip Is Not A War, But Rather Annihilation... And “Israel” Is Behaving Like Hitler

     Sunday, February 18, 2024   No comments

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva accused Israel of committing "genocide" against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, likening what it was doing to...

Russia’s Space Nuclear Weapon That Does Kill People But Can Paralyze Global Communication; What Else Can It Do?

     Sunday, February 18, 2024   No comments

The American newspaper "The New York Times" revealed concerns within the Biden administration after intelligence reports indicating that Russia was preparing to place a nuclear...

Pakistan Government Commissioner Admits Election Fraud; Maulana Fazlur Rehman, Head Of Pakistani Islamic Scholars Association, Admitted That The Overthrow Of Imran Khan By Army Commander, General Qamar Javed Bajwa

     Saturday, February 17, 2024   No comments

 Today, Saturday, a government commissioner surprised everyone when he publicly admitted that he had falsified the results of the general elections held on February 8,...

What Is The Value Of The Life Of A Muslim Person Compared To The Life Of A Westerner?

     Monday, February 12, 2024   No comments

1/25, that is the value.At the peak of the "war on terror" and the during the course of Israel’s assassination campaigns in the last two...

Media Review: Western Democracy Is Declining And Losing Its Value

     Sunday, February 11, 2024   No comments

Under the title “Democracy is declining in a number of countries that seek to achieve it and is losing its value in the democratic countries...

Media Review: The Gaza War Creates A New Islamic Front And Threatens American Influence--Foreign Affairs

     Saturday, February 10, 2024   No comments

The American magazine Foreign Affairs published a long article dealing with the impact of the Gaza war on the Islamic and Arab worlds, saying that...

After 127 Days Of Killing In Gaza, US Admin Officials Admit Errors: We Made Mistakes And We Do Not Trust The Current Netanyahu Government

     Saturday, February 10, 2024   No comments

Another example of Western democracies' behavior showing that for them  politics trumps human rights, US officials now worried that their next presidential elections could...

Media Review: How To End America’s Hypocrisy On Gaza

     Friday, February 09, 2024   No comments

Sarah Yager, director of Human Rights Watch in Washington, described the US handling of the Israeli war on Gaza as “hypocrisy,” and the Biden administration...

Pakistan Announces The Final Results Of The Elections, And Imran Khan’s Party Takes The Lead

     Friday, February 09, 2024   No comments

Despite criminal charges ban of policical participation, Imran Khan still has decisive inluence in Pakistani politics. Updates: The Pakistani General Election Commission in Islamabad announced the...

The Midnight Statement Of The Saudi Foreign Ministry Regarding Normalization: What Prompted It?

     Wednesday, February 07, 2024   No comments

The abstract of this developing story is this: The Saudi rulers are no longer benefiting from the diplomacy of ambiguity in relations to normalization with...

Media Review: CNN Faces Pressure From Its Employees Because Of Its Bias Towards Israel

     Monday, February 05, 2024   No comments

The Guardian newspaper said that the American CNN network is facing violent reactions from its employees over editorial policies that they say adopt the Israeli...

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