Thursday, November 30, 2023

Islamic Societies Review MONTHLY--November 2023

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Media Review; ToI: Iranian Leader Does Not Believe In Throwing The Jews Into The Sea And A General Referendum Must Be Held In Palestine

     Wednesday, November 29, 2023   No comments

An Israeli media outlet, The Times of Israel, reported today that Iran's leader wants a referendum, not in throwing the Jews into the sea."In a...

Israeli PM: “Islam In The Arab Countries Needs Radical Change”

     Wednesday, November 29, 2023   No comments

The war in Gaza may not be a war against Hamas after all, it is a war on the ideology and beliefs of Hamas. Echoing...

Indonesian Foreign Minister: We Will Pursue "Israel" In The International Court Of Justice

     Tuesday, November 28, 2023   No comments

Indonesian Foreign Minister, Retno Marsudi, asked today, Tuesday, whether what the Israeli occupation is committing in the Gaza Strip is acceptable from the standpoint of international law, stressing that the international community has “double standards.”

During the United Nations General Assembly meeting on Palestine, Marsudi said that Indonesia would pursue "Israel" legally in the International Court of Justice.

The Indonesian Foreign Minister stressed that the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories must end, and also called on the international community for equal treatment to build peace and justice.

She added: "We need a permanent ceasefire, unhindered humanitarian aid, standing for justice, and the resumption of the peace process and the political process."

Marsudi pointed out that Indonesia cannot stand idly by "to see thousands of innocent women and children killed, and to see homes, schools and hospitals razed to the ground and turned into rubble."

Media Review: The Washington Post: How Does Israel Detain Hundreds Of Palestinians In Prisons Without Charge?

     Tuesday, November 28, 2023   No comments

The American newspaper The Washington Post reported that administrative detention rates rose in the West Bank, even before October 7, that is, the day the...

Media Review: Aljazeera Highlights Qassam Fighters' Treatment Of Israeli Prisoners And The Treatment Of Palestinian Prisoners By Israeli Forces

     Monday, November 27, 2023   No comments

The al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas,” broadcast a video recording showing the handover of the second batch of Israeli...

Media Review: CNN: The Possibility Of The Israeli Army Placing Weapons In Al-Shifa Hospital Is High

     Saturday, November 25, 2023   No comments

After accidentally revealing that the tunnels under the hospital were built by Israel, CNN is raising doubt about the weapons the Israeli military claimed was...

Al-Azhar Observatory: The Zionist Entity And ISIS Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin

     Wednesday, November 22, 2023   No comments

The Al-Azhar Observatory for Combating Extremism released a note stating that the Zionist entity and the terrorist organization ISIS are “two sides of the same...

Former US Official: Killing 4,000 Palestinian Children Is “Not Enough”

     Wednesday, November 22, 2023   No comments

To understand why US foreign policy in the Middle East was a complete failure, listen to this former US official, talk to a NYC food...

Argentina Will Likely Withdraw Its Application To Join BRICS

     Tuesday, November 21, 2023   No comments

With a new president who wants to align Argentina with the US, especially if Trump returns to the White House next year, Argentina is likely...

Media Review: On CNN, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, 'Israel Built The Tunnels Under Gaza Hospital'

     Tuesday, November 21, 2023   No comments

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, just like that, dismantled the Israeli narrative that Hamas built the tunnel systems under hospitals and is using it...

Chinese Foreign Ministry: We Are Good Friends Of The Arab And Islamic Countries

     Tuesday, November 21, 2023   No comments

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced on Monday before a delegation including Arab foreign ministers that the international community must take urgent measures to stop...

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar Accuses Other Countries In The European Union, And The West In General, Of Double Standards Against The Backdrop Of The Conflict In The Middle East

     Sunday, November 19, 2023   No comments

Irish Prime Minister Calls Out ‘Double Standards’ in EU’s Israel-Palestine PolicyIn an interview with the Irish radio station RTE, Varadkar accused the European Union and...

Media Review: An Israeli Investigation Suggests Israeli Military Helicopters May Have Been Responsible For Killing Some Israelis

     Sunday, November 19, 2023   No comments

 Israeli media indicated, in a new report, that the occupation's security establishment's assessment showed that Hamas had no prior knowledge of the Nova Festival in...

Media Review: New York Times: Gaza Is A Graveyard For Children

     Saturday, November 18, 2023   No comments

After weeks of Western politicians and media outlets refusing to accept the death figures of civilians in Gaza or casting some doubt about the accuracy...

Anne Boyer, A Poetry Writer For The American New York Times Magazine, Resigned In Protest Against The Gaza War

     Friday, November 17, 2023   No comments

Anne Boyer, a poetry writer for the American New York Times Magazine, resigned in protest against the Gaza war and the Israeli lies, which she...

A Memorandum Now Signed By 100s Of State Department Employees And The US Agency For Development Accuses Biden Of Spreading Misleading Information About The War In Gaza

     Wednesday, November 15, 2023   No comments

The American website Axios leaked a memorandum signed by 100 (today NYT reported 500) employees of the State Department and the US Agency for Development,...

Clare Daly, Member Of The European Parliament: The Nations Of The World Will Not Be Lectured Amy More By Europe About Human Rights

     Monday, November 13, 2023   No comments

Clare Daly about the hypocrisy regarding Western talking heads' "standing with Ukraine" & silence on Gaza."We are in a situation now in Gaza, where we...

One Million Signatures On An Amnesty Petition Calling For An End To The Aggression Against Gaza

     Sunday, November 12, 2023   No comments

More than one million people around the world have signed an Amnesty International petition demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, where the Israeli war machine...

The Final Statement Of The Arab-Islamic Summit Calls For Breaking The Siege On Gaza And Bringing In Humanitarian Aid

     Sunday, November 12, 2023   No comments

The draft final statement of the Arab-Islamic Summit in Riyadh, today, Saturday, stressed the necessity of breaking the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, and...

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